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George Halliday has an absolute passion for hunting nature and conservation. He firmly believe that hunting in large areas as well as free range areas ensures a hard, ethnical and fair chase hunt.
George Halliday Safaris offers plains game and dangerous game safaris all across Southern Africa.
George Halliday Safaris hunts a vast amount of land with concessions all over the country.
Through experiences we found that by hunting in multiple provinces and concessions we can spread the hunting pressure to ensure top quality trophies and the increase of animal populations in all hunting concessions. This is not a small ranch hunting operation, we hunt africa the right way in large areas. All animals hunted is done so in their natural state and among breeding populations of all game.

Whether you are completing the tiny 10 or the notorious big 5, George Halliday Safaris will guarantee you a top quality professional experience. Our accommodation ranges from luxurious lodges to rustic bush camps and temporary fly camps, all depending on your safari needs and preferences

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Why Choose Us?

George Halliday Safaris is different from any other safari operator in Africa and here is why:

We have exclusive hunting rights on some of Africa’s best hunting areas giving you the best possible chance of success on your safari. We pride ourselves in the quality trophies we harvest and the ethical way we do it.  We hunt very large areas all over Southern Africa some fenced and some free range all depending on the needs of the client. When you chose to hunt with us you will understand that our constant communication and flawless logistical planning sets us apart from the rest in the business.

George Halliday Safaris partnered up with Dark Continent Adventures (USA based booking company). Dark Continent Adventures works primarily with George Halliday Safaris for all its African safari needs weather it be photo or hunting safaris.


Since 200, I have had the privilege of hunting game animals during 7 trips to several countries in Southern Africa. I have been chased by irate cow elephants and have crouched mesmerized in stare downs by African lions and Cape Buffalo within 25 yards. In such situations, hunters want to be confident that their professional hunters and guides have the competence and temerity to take care of them. In 2 of those hunts, I hunted with Mr. George Halliday, who completely fills the requirements for safe and exciting hunting adventures. He knows how to get into great adventures and how to get out of sticky ones. Herein, I provide my unsolicited and unreserved endorsement for George as a professional hunter, safari outfitter, and gentleman. From logistics of flights and Loding, to arranging top areas for hunting, identifying high-quality animals to shoot, arranging for trophy care, taxidermy if wanted, and other post-hunt logistics, American hunters want and expect professionalism and due diligence. In short, George is a well-steeped in all aspects and “goes the extra mile” to deliver. I would be happy to speak personally to prospective clients wishing additional information.

S/Larry L Irwin

Larry L. Irwin


Uistig Safari Camp Concessions

Uitsig Safari Camp

Uitsig Safari Lodge lies in the Marico Valley in the North West Province of South Africa just 200 miles north west of Johannesburg.

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Imbasa Hunting concession

Imbasa Safari Lodge

Imbasa Safari Lodge is a pristine Lodge situated roughly one hour south-west of Kimberley right next to Mokala National Park in the Northern Cape province of South-Africa.

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Limpopo Hunting Concession Camp

Limpopo Hunting Camp

Welcome to the Private Game Reserve near the Waterberg Mountain Range in the Limpopo Province of
South Africa.

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Tiger fishing Safari

Tiger Fishing

This is Namibia’s best kept secret, the Zambezi region. This pristine fishing lodge is situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi river, a prime getaway spot.

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Mozambique Fishing Safari

Fishing in Mozambique

Our Mozambique fishing lodge is situated on the scenic coast of Mozambique approximately 250km
North of Maputo.

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