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Dark Continent Adventures

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George Halliday Safaris partnered up with Dark Continent Adventures (USA based booking company) Dark Continent Adventures works primarily with George Halliday Safaris for all its African safari needs weather it be photo or hunting safaris.

More about Dark Continent Adventures – Meet the Knight family, Scott, Scherrie, James, Jada and Maddie Knight, they are not only our US representatives but your gateway to Africa.

Why Dark Continent Adventures – the main purpose for Dark Continent Adventures is to give our clients peace of mind when it comes to arraigning and paying for your African trip.

We understand the feeling of sending money half way across the globe to the dark continent not knowing if it’s a scam or if your money will be lost along the way leaving you with little to go on.

Here is the answer to make you more comfortable and put your mind at ease. When you confirm your booking you will make a deposit into a USA based bank account linked to a USA physical address.

Your funds will rest there until the day you fly out to Africa. Through experience we have learned that this is the best and cheapest way for the client and the outfitter.

On completion of your hunt it is not unusual for clients to spend more than initially planned and additional funds can be wire transferred the same way, this way limiting the cash a client has to carry on hand as well as card payment fees and taxes.